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Picture Day Pre-Registration

Be sure to register your student(s) name & you will immediately receive a link to their photo gallery when it is released!

Success! Registration received.

Picture Day Information

  • You will receive a variety of photos from which to choose. 

  • Photos do not have to be pre-purchased! No order forms and no money collection.

  • All ordering is done ONLINE after photos are made available.

Preparing Your Child

  • Let them know that morning it is picture day with Miss Kaitlin and that it'll be lots of fun. No need to remind them to smile, I'll work hard to get a natural smile.

  • If you want to practice posing, work on putting hands on hips or hands in pockets. Also try sitting criss-cross applesauce on the floor with them.

  • Practice different faces: silly, happy, excited, surprised. If a child does not want to move around into different poses or is unable to, we will do lots of different expressions!


  • Comfortable, but clean and wrinkle-free. I recommend neutrals and solids since they photograph better but colorful is good too! I would avoid any busy prints (polka dots, logos, checks) that draw away from their beautiful smile.

  • If you have multiple children and would like them photographed together, they don't need to be matching but I recommend coordinating colors.

After Picture Day

  • All photos will be processed and digitally enhanced to provide you with the best possible images.

  • All photos will be made available in online, private, protected galleries.

  • Once photos are ready in about 2-3 weeks, you will receive an e-mail with directions and a link to your child(ren)'s gallery.


  • Print packages, individual prints and digital images will be available.

  • For the first two weeks of ordering, all orders will be batch delivered to the center. After the order deadline, you will be responsible for shipping charges to your home.

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